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Meet The Artist

The beauty and possibility of the imperfect and discarded inspire me. I prefer things that are broken, worn and a bit dirty with the patina of age. I am curious about how and why we acquire, consume, treasure, and discard and am intrigued by the idea of value and how things are assigned value in society. As an artist of opportunity and an urban scavenger, I focus on upcycling found objects. I extend the life of the obsolete. I collect materials, acquire skills, pursue curiosities and then see how they coalesce to express my ideas. My art process itself is a critique on consumerism and disposability. Every choice we make about how we spend our time, our energy and our money tells the world who we are and what we value. My compositions emerge organically; Design and construction happen simultaneously. The structure grows out of a conversation with the materials. My work revolves around themes of identity, gender, beauty and power.
  • Winnie van der Rijn

    maker, teacher, learner


Winnie van der Rijn


instagram @eccentric_designs

(650) 504-5225